make me happy

before i'm 40

kari who?








you can make me happy buying me this stuff . . .

one-inch pin-back style buttons for my car's button collection (like the ones available here or more specifically, the hip harajuku or the buffy button set from etsy)

portable, external hard drive for my laptop, 500 gb. USB and firewire 800 like this one. or a small, 1TB would be nice too.

"we are happy to serve you" change purse like this one or ceramic mug like this

an angel food cake pan

a full-sized quiche pan

a 9 or 12-cup kitchenaid food processor (or gift certificate towards one)

more 5-qt tilt head kitchenaid stand mixer accessories like another mixing bowl and an ice cream maker.

a potato ricer

kitschy dashboard decorations for the shagmobile, like the dashboard ninjas

anything fun from lula mae in old town pasadena or simply fresh in san marino

gift certificate for my own printing at moo!

cute kitty toys (like some from jake & micah)

gift certificate to amoeba records

gift certificate for han's beauty stor in pasadena

a mixed tape/cd with your favorite songs on it (and hopefully a little note that tells me why)

gift certificate in any amount for jones coffee, sephora, macy's, peet's coffee and tea and yes, starbucks

See's key lime, scotchmallow or dark chocolate truffles

gift certificate for a mani-pedi combo at tinzee nail salon (in south pasadena on fair oaks blvd.)

a gift certificate for laemmle playhouse 7 theatre

chewy cinnamon bears - chocolate dipped ones, if you can find it!

gift certificate for online korean stationary store shopkawaii

china place settings, (federal platinum pattern!) - available at macy's and amazon