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i ordered a fresh fruit basket from edible arrangements yesterday to thank the office for my bridal shower. it looked like this but in a basket instead of a watering can. very sweet fruit and a huge, fantastic display! the dark chocolate-dipped melon and pineapple flowers were so tasty.

of course, once eaten, i had to see how it was made. two halfs of an iceburg lettuce head were tucked in the basket, covered with leafy lettuce pierced with plastic and bamboo skewers. i think i might try making one myself some day.

it's muggy and warm here lately, which is strange. i feel like i'm in the midwest or something. we even had some showers in the middle of the day. cloudy and rainy and 90 degrees. huh.

a co-worker was lamenting the sticky-ness that comes with humidy today and mentioned that even her cat was sticky. he keeps trying to find cool surfaces to lounge in, like the kitchen floor and the bathtub. i just loved the idea of a sticky, grumpy kitty, ah! i think mine is the same way. she's been fighting some ear mites lately, yuck.

on the home front, all the drama of last week has worked itself out and we are very thankful for all the resolutions!
9/30/2008 11:59:00 AM
saturday, i enjoyed the loveliest bridal shower, an afternoon tea. my matron-of-honor was a brilliant hostess, cleverly taking over the event so i could just enjoy the party. thankyouthankyou!

my life is a crazy soap opera right now. a washing machine dying in a spew of smoke, a kidnapping and a heart attack figure in heavily. ha, and i used to think sitcoms were not based in reality...
9/22/2008 02:50:00 PM
wedding plans are in full swing! details are getting ironed out, and last-minute plans are hatching...and my parents are exhibiting amazing amounts of energy getting all sorts of home improvement projects finished with my wedding date as their inspiration/deadline.

my dad has been amazing, taking charge of our new little duplex - supervising and working hard to make it a sweet little home for the two of us. oh and wedding gifts are arriving in the post! i'm so delighted imagining all these things given to us in love to use in our first shared home!

in non-wedding news, i finally finished watching the classic movie, sunset blvd. last night. wow, what a great picture. i can't believe it took me this long to watch it...i loved the opening shot of the body in the pool. what a great angle!

i netflixed the special anniversary edition with a great documentary about the film which was really entertaining to watch. i highly suggest it. it kind of made me fall in love again with hollywood & los angeles and sometimes, when the smog and heat and traffic are all too much to bear, it's necessary to figure out how to fall in love with your place of residence all over again. i have a feeling that this lesson will come in handy with marriage as well.
9/18/2008 12:04:00 PM

wedding planning and plotting still dominates my thinking and conversations. i get to wake up really, really early to visit the LA flower mart to get some inspiration for the floral decorations. and, my custom-made shoes by maya shoes of hollywood arrived in the mail yesterday. they are just what i was looking for. and i'm pretty excited to be wearing my first pair of shoes by a lady who's known to outfit the playboy bunnies! gotta love hollywood.
as a detour from wedding errand-running yesterday evening, i treated myself to some ridiculously expensive green oolong tea that jared from chado tracked down just for me (it's not on the menu, he had to ask his tea resources for a custom-blend. it's a very LA experience being high maintence, ha!) and a 1/2 lb. of fine belgian dark chocolates from leonidas. i especially like their candied orange peels dipped in dark chocolate.
also in mental protest to the obsessive wedding mania, i've been reading several pulp paper-backed books of late. several in the stephanie plum bounty hunter series thanks to my dad's eye for quality escapist literature. i've put several more on hold at the library. and i just started another one, borrowed from camille, called the waitress which is a clever chic-lit read and great distraction.
9/09/2008 01:43:00 PM
things i've been enjoying lately:

1. the fantastic skillet apple pie (perfectly flaky crust!) from kitchen 24 in hollywood (photo credit) i also enjoyed the seared ahi tuna burger with sweet potatoe fries. the boy got a rubean sandwhich and decided that he did, in fact, like corned beef.

2. not one, but two afternoon teas this weekend! one with mom at the adorable four seasons tea room in sierra madre after my first wedding dress alteration appointment. the second with camille (matron of honor) at the rose tree cottage in pasadena.

3. that we've found a place to live. starting september 15th the boy and i will begin combining our households and folding ourselves and an orange cat into our tiny 1950s era cottage duplex. the place has a great backyard for entertaining but really, i'm not sure how we'll fit everything into our small space. i think ikea will be our new best friend.

4. that the wedding invitations are really, actually, almost all mailed. whew.

9/02/2008 04:11:00 PM