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so the new year has finally started! the holidays were a whirlwind of activities and i'm sorry to see it all pass so quickly. i am happy to report that my skills at ice-skating are not as bad as they used to be! thanks to the early training session of roller skating this past fall, i wasn't so wobbly on the rink!

and the christmas tea i labored over early christmas morning was a success! everyone loved the little sandwiches, sausage rolls, and mini quiches i whipped up. we had clotted cream, lemon curd, two kinds of fresh scones and little treats especially bought from the most darling bakery.

the boy and i tested our those aqua massage tables at the mall for a refreshing break during some christmas shopping. tres cool! i was surprised at how relaxed high-powered water jets could make me!

the big news? we finally registered for stuff for the wedding. i guess that means we're really doing this!

after purchasing the much-discussed wool coats, my boy and i saw sweeney todd this weekend at the arc light. very gory but lovely dark music. and we were toasty warm in our wool! and today, a perfect cap to a rainy & blustery weekend: the light powdered-sugar dusting of snow on the hills behind pasadena.
1/07/2008 10:57:00 AM