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as part of my on-going, unoffical cupcake research, i've got two tastings to report:
last week my boy lovingly treked to pasadena's violet's cakes and shared his treasures. the baked bounty included a peanutbutter frosted chocolate cupcake and an amazing french toast cupcake with maple syrup frosting. it was really, really good.
we vistied long beach's minimaly decorated frosted cupcakery this past weekend and enjoyed several of their signature creations with milk; a nutella frosted vanilla cupcake, a rich chocolate cupcake with tangy orange frosting topped with a candy pumpkin and a pumpkin spice cupcake with cream cheese frosting. we bought a fourth chocolate cupcake with purple web frosting and a plastic spider that we forced ourselves to part with as a gift to celebrate a friend's art show we attended that evening.
the quest for cupcakes never ends!

ladytron rocked the glass house in pamona and the boy and i saw all the action from the balcony. since it's an all-ages club, you can't buy beer but you can get starburst candy, mt. dew soda and a huge slice of pizza for only 6 bucks. and yes, i did have a sugar-fat-gram-overload hangover the next day. but it was soo worth it to dance and chew candy to ladytron's beats.
11/02/2006 02:30:00 PM