make me happy

before i'm 40

kari who?









some pics of recent music swaps:

i burned whole albums for this swap so i'm not going to include a tracklist but some what's on there is 9 ball, rilo kiley, the redwalls, the magnetic fields, buttersprites, joy zipper, spoon, coldplay and go betty go.

and because i can kick it old school, here's some mixed tapes

side a:
nothing wrong-the wannadies
squares-the beta band
until forever-9 ball
don't hesitate-duraluxe
something bigger, something brighter-pretty girls make graves
digging your scene- ivy
it's love you're on-the redwalls
the taste of you-erin mcKeown
true romance-the catch

side b:
indian summer-pedro the lion
fresh mochi-the buttersprites
io/this time around-helen stellar
you can't hurry love-the concretes
in my secret place-the magnetic fields
three hopeful thoughts-rilo riley
spitting games-snow patrol
cracked lcd-ladytron

side a:
unknown - barr
jerk it out - caesars
how to be dead - snow patrol
everything hits at once - spoon
perfect record - kingsbury manx
walking with a ghost - tegan and sara
riot act - bottom of the hudson
float on - modest mouse
soul meets body - death cab for cutie
all for swinging you around - new pornographers
snow patterns - q and not u
long time coming - the delays

side b:
beautiful world - coldplay
edge of the ocean - ivy
the flowers she sent and the flower she said she sent - magnetic fields
a mistake - fiona apple
in the morning of the magicians - flaming lips
anticipation - blond redhead
festival '95 - looper
true mathematics - ladytron
light and day/reach for the sun - polyphonic spree
edhume - blue collar love
superman - storm and her dirty mouth
letting go - kim virant

with all the music swaps i've done this past year, i think i'm getting better at making mixed taps/CDs. i hope anyway.
1/20/2006 10:46:00 AM
i rang in the new year with a great peformance by social distortion at anaheim's house of blues last week. they even played one of my favorite songs, mommy's little monster. an excellent start to 2006 i think.
1/10/2006 04:55:00 PM